Jenny attended her first teacher training in 2012 in Los Angeles, completing a two month intensive Hatha yoga program. Since then, she’s been teaching full time, managed two studios, and now has created Millvale Yoga Collective. In 2015 Jenny completed an additional 200 hour Vinyasa training. With 10 years of consistent yoga practice, she believes in creating a community where everyone is welcome and everyone can experience the power of yoga!


A beginner friendly practice that encourages mindful breathing, body awareness, and stillness in postures. Build strength, flexibility and mental clarity.


A slower, less physically demanding approach, students will engage in all floor postures (with no balancing series.) A great class for those looking for physical rehabilitation and senior citizens!


A blend of yoga and Pilates, this is our most physically challenging class! Enjoy funky tunes, an increased heart rate, and a stronger body!

Weekly Schedule

Sunday @ Panza Gallery
10:00am Hatha
115 Sedgwick Street, Millvale, PA 15209

Tuesday @ Tazza D'oro
6:00pm Hatha
7:30pm Restorative
524 Grant Ave, Millvale, PA 15209

Wednesdays @ NC Hair Salon
6:00pm Hatha
405 Butler Street, Etna, PA 15223

Thursdays @ Tazza D'oro
6:00pm Yogalates
7:00pm Beginner Hatha
524 Grant Ave, Millvale, PA 15209

*Suggested Donation $11 *Thursday Special $5

Can't make it to class? Do the video!

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