More than just a place to practice yoga. We are a community of mindful, creative and dedicated people who are working to improve not just ourselves but our hometown as well. It starts with one. One decision, one action, one thought that is taken responsibility for and examined with compassion changes everything.

We all come to practice our yoga, but beyond the 75 minutes spent on the mat, this community empowers one another.  Millvale Studios, MCDC, Panza Gallery, Millvale Library, and New Sun Rising are all locations that share this vision; to bring more wellness to Millvale.

Along with this, Millvale Yoga Collective empowers these locations; bring new faces into these spaces and exposing them to all the culture and talent Millvale has to offer.

Students and small business owners in Millvale also collaborate with our community.  Bringing fun twists of flavor along with making taking care of oneself fun!  Together, MYC and the whole town of Millvale are working to keep this momentum going, to keep taking care of ourselves, and, to keep taking care of others by simply coming to class.

We share things all throughout the city, especially in our great little town of Millvale that we feel is part of our Collective Community.  Artists, musicians, writers, projects, events, entrepreneurs...we are all of this community and we are proud to share the good work we do.